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A singer-songwriter, born in Kelantan, Malaysia and since early childhood was raised and surrounded by a musical family. Her mother was a well-known musician from the early 70’s in Indonesia and her father is a music enthusiast whom introduced her with variety of music and instruments. At 5 years old, she started to learn to play classical piano and taking courses at the Royal School of Music, Malaysia and passed each grade with distinction until grade 6, where she moved to Indonesia. She also learns how to play the guitar, taught by her mother and also took violin classes.

Then Puti Chitara continued her bachelor degree at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, Japan receiving scholarships from the Japanese government and SANYO for 4 years study. During her study in Japan, she involved in many musical activities such as APU Orchestra, Pianokko, performing in multicultural festivals and finally starts writing her own songs in Japanese. She participated in a number of auditions held by record labels in Japan and eventually reached the final for Sony Japan Tobilabo Audition.

In 2009, she graduated from university with a title Bachelor of Social Science where she successfully took course in comparative musicology, and her final dissertation about Javanese gamelan entitled ‘Resonance of Javanese Sound in Japan and Indonesia’ received a prestigious university award as an ‘Outstanding Thesis of Fall Semester 2009’.

Returning to Indonesia, Puti Chitara starts her music career as an Independent musician by submitting demos and uploading through Soundcloud that took her to many chances in performing at number of local gigs and finally released her debut album ‘Sarsaparilla Dream’ on 2014 under the label, Demajors and she was selected to perform in Singapore. In that year also, she joined a band Barasuara as one of the vocalist and currently active with the tours and music producing. Recently on October 2016, she released her second solo album ‘Goodnight’ and has been doing concert tours and promotion around Java.

Puti Chitara’s music are mainly influenced by classical music which she was earlier introduced and cites her most favorite composers such as Tchaikovsky, Claude Debussy, Saint-Saens and Japanese composer, Hisaishi Joe, which makes most of her music involved many tunes of orchestral instruments and compositions. She also listens to number of notable musicians; Carpenters, Bread, Utada Hikaru, Kanno Yoko, Lana Del Rey and many others.

Her music is known as gloomy ballad, dark yet decorated with simple lyrics, which are relatable and sometimes could be fun and soothing. Most of her songs are written in English and inspired by her daily life and surroundings which could be a happy events or tragedies.

Currently Puti Chitara is working on her third album, which is scheduled to be released on 2018.